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Acesco, a company that produces and sells Galvanized Steel and products for construction, Serves the Colombian market exporting to more than 10 countries of the American continent.

They required the technological update of Arquimet, the software used to facilitate the calculation of the resistance of the materials. This desktop application was developed with advanced technology for the design and calculation of structures with thin-film steel profiles and allows the spatial modeling of all types of structures with Acesco products. Because it was a desktop application, it was only available for computers with Windows Operating Systems, limiting it to equipment that met the required specifications.

From this arises the need to update this application to new web technologies that allow users to enjoy their benefits at any time from all over the world and in different devices.

The ideal scenario is for this application to become a Responsive Web application compatible with most browsers, all Operating Systems and with any mobile device.

In addition to this Acesco required that in the new application defects be corrected and their benefits supplemented by adding new features.


The current software, for being an application that fulfilled all the requirements to carry out a design in accordance with the Colombian Regulation of Design and Construction of Resistant Earthquake NSR-10, it is decided to migrate all this logic of calculations developed in C # to a new technology avoiding to be altered as little as possible, that is why it is defined to keep as a programming language C # under Microsoft .NET Core 2.0, the latest version of Microsoft's .NET framework. However, it maintains the advantage of being Open Source, which allows the creation of API Rest web applications and with versions for GNU / Linux, Windows and Mac. This way all the existing technological needs are covered.

Stack Pointer brings together a team of developers with extensive experience in the subject, take the code of the current application and perform the migration of a desktop application to a fully responsive web application. Other languages ​​and web development frameworks are implemented, such as HTML, JavaScript, AngujarJS, Structures in JSON format and API services. All the functions of the current application were exploited and improved. A 3D modeling component was implemented for web applications that allows the spatial modeling of all types of metal structures. With this a very interactive and intuitive platform was created for the user known today as Arquimet Cloud.


Stack Pointer created an interactive web platform consolidating five work modules:

  • Mechanical properties:Know the resistance of the ACESCO profiles under different demands.
  • Metaldeck design:Mezzanine design using the Metaldeck collaborative sheet as positive reinforcement for the Concreto-Metaldeck composite system and form option
  • Wind Analysis:Calculate the wind loads for the structure, according to the Colombian Seismic Resistance Construction Regulation (NSR-10)
  • Belts Design:Design elements under the required solicitations, taking into account effects such as: dead load, live, wind, among others.
  • Design Joists:Perform the analysis of metallic elements working together with Metaldeck slab.

Each of these modules has a spatial modeler of 3D structures and the option of generating Technical and Academic reports which break down the calculation made in each exercise. It also has an option to Open and Save exercises so that the user can take all their analyzes with them and open them at any time.