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ASOANEI and Cooagronevada. Indigenous agro-ecological producers. They faced a complicated situation in their production and commercialization processes of organic coffee. Highly productive organizations, but with cumbersome and highly costly processes of analysis and monitoring of variables of agricultural processes that guarantee quality in the product to be commercialized, based on the organic coffee agriculture.

To carry out quality internal inspections and audits, the promoter leaders move to the productive units of each of the organic coffee producers that make up the associations; in areas such as the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the Serrania del Perijá, which are scattered in mountainous regions with little or no presence of passable roads and very limited access to the internet. The producer leaders responsible for data collection are provided with basic tools such as paper and pencil audit and inspection forms. The conditions of environment, time and resources increased the likelihood of errors inherent in the processes by entailing a high manual component.

The associations faced the difficulty in making decisions because the climatic and biological processes are completely dynamic and require appropriate responses at the right time and not months later. Similarly, the difficulty of maintaining high quality standards, because the information collected manually hinders this possibility.


When Stack Pointer made the first approaches with the associations, their requirement was to develop and implement a platform that would cover the need to continuously inspect and audit each of the productive units, allowing the management of their information in real time, reacting in a timely manner to the changes of state in their processes of production and commercialization of organic coffee.

When we had a clear idea of ​​the general objectives, we carried out a process of refining requirements which, with the approval of the associations, started the design and development of the platform. Periodic validation reviews of scope and objectives were coordinated with very positive feedback. The functional leaders of the associations were very satisfied to see that the auditing and inspection formats could already be dynamically generated in the platform and these could be filled by means of modern data capture devices, managing to store the information collected in real time or from Asynchronous way depending on the conditions of internet access.


After weeks of iterating reviews and feedback in order to stabilize and comply with the scope of the solution, Stack Pointer delivered a web and mobile platform for the automation of the management of quality indicators by recording, analyzing and monitoring process variables productive Agricultural with the purpose of guaranteeing high quality in the process of production and commercialization of organic coffee.